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Easy DWG/DXF to Image Converter is a batch DWG/DXF converter tool that converts DWG/DXF files to JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, GIF, PNG, BMP, WMF and EMF images without the need of AutoCAD.
Batch convert DWG/DXF files to <b>JPG</b>, JPEG, <b>TIF</b>, TIFF, <b>GIF</b>, EMF, BMP, PNG and WMF images.
Batch convert DWG/DXF files to JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, EMF and WMF images.
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Functions List:

It is a very powerful, fast and easy-to-use converter.

Function Supported
 Convert files in batches Yes
 Input areas Model Space / Paper Space / Layouts
 XRefs / SHX / TTF support Yes
 Color to pen width mapping Yes
 Adjustable color depth / background color Yes
 Adjustable DPI resolution / size of output image Yes
 Margin settings Yes
 TIFF compression methods CCITT/Huffman/Pack bits/Deflate
 ...... Yes
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With Easy DWG/DXF to Image Converter, you can convert DWG to JPG, DWG to JPEG, DWG to TIF, DWG to TIFF, DWG to BMP, DWG to GIF, DWG to PNG, DWG to WMF, DWG to EMF, DXF to JPG, DXF to JPEG, DXF to TIF, DXF to TIFF, DXF to BMP, DXF to GIF, DXF to PNG, DXF to WMF, DXF to EMF.

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